About me..

I write fantasy fiction with a hint of sci-fi and dry, quirky humor. I was born on the coast of North Yorkshire in England but have spent half my life landlocked in central Europe, where I hope one day to return. I love reading, writing, great jokes, craft beer, cross-country skiing and weekend cabins. I like jazz manouche, flamenco, and all kinds of world music. To relax I do yoga and meditation and grow vegetables in my garden. Already planning my next book:
The Return of the Constipated Samurai!

My Book

This book will change the way you think!

The Teenager's Guide to Quantum Mechanics

The Teenager's Guide to Quantum Mechanics

You must have heard of the Nephilim, or you wouldn’t have opened this book. But not everyone knows where the Nephilim came from, and that’s important, because they’re coming back. And don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they’re from outer space, because that’s not true. The real parents of the Nephilim are not from outer space, they’re from inner space. A world they are very keen for you to know as little about as possible.

So what are we saving the world from? From evil. And where did evil come from? The answer is here...